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At Nimmo VA Locksmith Store , we are part of the local community, just like you. We strive to keep our friends in Nimmo secure and safe, with our full line of locksmith services. Our fleet of mobile locksmith vans is ready 24 hours a day to help you anywhere in Virginia Beach. We will arrive to your site, wherever it is in and around Virginia Beach, inside of an hour, full equipped to solve a range of common locksmith problems, including emergency house lockout services, new lock installation on doors or to replace and/or repair window locks.

Broken Locks

When a lock jams or breaks, it can interfere with your entire schedule for the day. Trying to force the lock will simply make it worse, causing it to break off. That’s the time to call Nimmo VA Locksmith Store, specialists in residential lock repair and replacement. We can fix your problem and let you get on with your regular schedule. Our mobile van here in Nimmo is here to help you whenever you have a problem.

Lost Keys

Emergency house lockout services can solve basic problems that cause major headaches, especially at the end of a long commute. The team at Nimmo VA Locksmith Store is here to make new keys for you, and extras to help prevent your getting locked out again, right where you are. At Nimmo VA Locksmith Store, we make sure our mobile vans carry a fully line of locks and keys to serve you anytime of the day or night. 

Emergency Lock Changes

At Nimmo VA Locksmith Store, our locksmiths are specialists in all types of security concerns and can arrive onsite without delay, making emergency lock changes to ensure your security and to prevent the return of old tenants or guests who no longer have access rights. If you are a building manager, call us to rekey multiple locks, install master key systems and sub-key systems.

At Nimmo VA Locksmith Store, we are committed to protecting your property, 24 hours a day. Our specialists work hard every day to ensure the safety of families in Nimmo, earning a reputation for care and excellence by providing effective locksmith services. If you are faced with emergency house lockout services, changing locks for residential homes, or new lock installation on doors, and need the help of the most trusted locksmith in Virginia Beach, call Nimmo VA Locksmith Store for quick, professional emergency service. At Nimmo VA Locksmith Store, we also provide these residential services:

  • House LockoutNimmo VA Locksmith Store, Nimmo, VA 757-405-7752
  • Apartment Lockout
  • Bedroom Lockout
  • Locks Change
  • Locks Rekeyed
  • Master Key System
  • New Lock Installation
  • And Much More…